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Pilot project to establish a self-sustaining refugee settlement in Tanzania

In the Kigoma region of western Tanzania, more than 350,000 refugees are living in camps after having fled the atrocities of war and conflict. The Government of Tanzania is determined to link humanitarian action with development by focusing on self-sustainability and capacity building for the many affected people. A pilot project has therefore been defined to build a resilient settlement for more than 10,000 refugees based on cost-effective, locally produced shelters and classrooms that can provide the basis for a safe, dignified and self-sustaining existence. 

Along with EverShelter the Governement of Tanzania has developed an innovative solution:

• Durable, well-tested solutions that are cost-effective
• Shelters can be produced at a local Tanzanian factory creating jobs and building capability
• Sustainable components that are re-useable and do not harm the environment with e.g., deforestation
• Dignified conditions that provide privacy, safety, security and healthy indoor climates for families and children

Next step is to secure funding for this groundbreaking project. 



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