EverShelter - a team with a mission

We are in the midst of the largest ever humanitarian crisis and one of the most urgent challenges is to provide adequate shelter for families forcibly removed from the safety of their homes. Nearly 65.6 million people - almost one in every 100 human beings on our planet - have been forced to leave home to face an uncertain future. Every single day many families live under inhumane conditions in refugee camps with no or poor sheltering unable to provide safety and security for themselves. Most temporary shelter solutions are inadequate, unsustainable and have a life span of less than 12 months.

Along with our international partners our team is determined to improve living conditions in refugee camps by providing sustainable and dignified low- cost shelter solutions.

Jakob Christensen

CEO, Founder

M.Sc. Architectural Engineering. Specialized in Conceptual Design and Experimental Analysis. B.Sc. Structural Engineering

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+45 31 32 33 63



Eivind Reihs Hegnar


M.Sc. Innovation Management, B.Sc. Sustainable Economics

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Sine Dannemand Sørensen

Head of Communications

LLM, MA in Diplomatic Studies, BA Negot.

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 Lifeshelter has an expected lifetime of at least 15 years, while tents typically used in refugee camps only last 6-12 months