Lifeshelter® - made to last

A Safe Family Shelter

To provide safe shelter for the many families who have been displaced, EverShelter has developed a cost-effective high-quality shelter solution for people in need of a temporary home
Our award-winning design offers a safe and secure shelter resistant to all weather conditions. The shelters are constructed with unique insulating panels that ensure a more energy efficient and healthier indoor environment in all climates. The sturdy construction and high quality of the material restore the sense of privacy of one’s own home. Our shelters come at a significantly lower cost than most alternatives – including tents.

Classrooms - a proper learning environment

Our series of cost-effective high-quality classrooms provide a proper learning environment developed to comply with local conditions. The unique insulation panels prevent radiation heat and reduce noise from the outside significantly and the ventilated end-walls ensure a pleasant and energy effcient indoor climate.The classrooms are highly durable and can be assembled in a few days.

High Quality Solutions

To ensure that our shelter solutions live up to the highest standards, EverShelter products are continuously undergoing quantitative and qualitative tests in laboratories and field studies by our partners. Our shelters resist temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celcius and are placed in one of the highest classes in the Euroclass system for fire resistance. Several scientifically recognised tests have proven our shelters highly resilient to earthquakes, hurricanes and heavy snowfall making them suitable for all climates. The high-quality material has a proven ability to significantly reduce sound transmitted from the inside to the outside of the shelters which is a very important aspect in protecting the privacy of displaced families. Evaluation studies conducted in the  eld have shown that internally displaced people and refugees were very satisfied with the functioning, comfort, safety and liveability of our shelters.

Sustainable Solutions

EverShelter is committed to developing and producing sustainable solutions for the inhabitants of our shelters, the local society as well as the environment. Production of our shelters does not contribute to the drainage of scarce natural resources such as deforestation. Our shelters can be upgraded to more permanent solutions or be reused for permanent insulation in new or existing buildings. The durability and liveability of our shelters provide the basis for self-sustainability and the opportunity for families to live a more dignified existence.

Local Production

Strengthening local economies throigh local production is a cornerstone of the new products from EverShelter. Host countries of refugee camps often face severe economic challenges in providing safe and secure refuge for the increasing number of displaced populations. Local production of shelters will benefit the local economy and ensure local jobs. Through capacity building local production will contribute to a skilled workforce. An EverShelter factory will provide an opportunity for local investors to co-invest in their country and participate in creating more than one hundred jobs.

LifeShelter® is unique in many ways

Rapid assembly without tools

Durable low-weight composite

No use of wood, steel, poles, nails or screws

No collapse as a course earthquake or storm

Insulating effect

Simple and fixed manufacturing

Minimal use of materials due to optimized design

Mobile and reusable for well-insulated and safe future dwellings

Usable for homes, schools, cold storage rooms and nursing homes

“Experienced shelter experts have been included in the development from the start”

Jakob Christensen,
CEO, EverShelter