Lifeshelter® - made to last

EverShelter ApS is the company designing and developing the unique and award-winning Lifeshelter®, ideal for displaced populations. 

Lifeshelter® is a well-insulated, temporary rehousing solution, which improves the living conditions for refugees and IDPs locally, while their waiting to return home. 

Lifeshelter® is a sustainable product, constructed with unique panels, which can be reused as insulation for permanent constructions. 

Lifeshelter® is a much more robust and durable alternative to refugee tents, and is currently the home of refugees and IDPs in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 

Civil wars, crisis and natural disasters force people to flee their homes and relocate in refugee camps or to seek asylum in another country.

Politicians and scientists emphasize the importance of providing liveable conditions for displaced populations closer to their hometowns, to avoid dispersion, and make sure they can move back to their homes as soon as its safe. 

However, the current tents and shelters often used in refugee camps provide living conditions with no or inadequate insulation, protection and privacy.

With a life span of as little as 6-12 months, these solutions are very resource demanding, and generates large amounts of waste.  This can be avoided by implementing more durable solutions that can be reused for better or permanent housing. 

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LifeShelter® is unique in many ways

Rapid assembly without tools

Durable low-weight composite

No use of wood, steel, poles, nails or screws

No collapse as a course earthquake or storm

Insulating effect

Simple and fixed manufacturing

Minimal use of materials due to optimized design

Mobile and reusable for well-insulated and safe future dwellings

Usable for homes, schools, cold storage rooms and nursing homes

“Experienced shelter experts have been included in the development from the start”

Jakob Christensen,
CEO, EverShelter